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Welcome to ADPJ Media.

We provide services in Photography, Videography and Content Creation.


Now let me introduce you to the owner and creative wizard that is PJ Rowe.


PJ was around 13 years old when her interest in photography blossomed. Having received her first camera from her father as a birthday gift, she quickly took to it and her passion grew. Since then she has consistently advanced and developed her craft, exploring into diffrent types of photography, videography and content creation for social media in more recent years. She has travelled to various parts of the world photographing the diverse and rich cultures, learning as she went. She grew a desire to share these experiences through film with the world and delved into videography, working in various countries including South Korea, Vietnam, French Polynesia, and Australia.


Her work in commercial film and photography for various industries has been extremely diverse. From working with recycling companies, to international music artist and building developers nothing is off limits.


PJ and her team are extremely dedicated to creating unique, diverse, and captivating works that encourage people to become engaged and immersed in the art. So for those interested please contact us direct for a quote.

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